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The wonder of Cryotherapy..

How Will You Benefit from Localised Cryotherapy? The treatment is excellent as a supporting therapy that is used directly on an area for improving chronic pain, inflammation, itching, an array of skin conditions and sports injuries. It’s also great for general vitality and rejuvenation, giving the skin a fantastic glow, improving scar tissue, stretch marks and cellulite. Also, the use of cryotherapy after an operation is quite common as it accelerates the healing process and improves any pain without high levels of medication and the accompanying side effects!

Professional athletes recover faster and perform at higher levels when cryotherapy is applied.

It’s great for looking amazing as it improves the skins tone, texture and tightens if you have a special occasion or an event to prepare for. For the body it can even help you lose weight while simultaneously good for reducing cellulite as mentioned earlier.

How Does Localised Cryotherapy Work Its Magic? We will move the CRYO Penguin nozzle (the low-temperature air stream) in smooth scanning movements/motions, keeping the nozzle at a distance of 2-4 cm from the skin. A typical area of 10×10 cm is treated approximately for 1 – 2 minutes, at a maximum intensity level of the air stream. You will be sat down or led down and you can relax while you feel the cool air touch the surface level of your skin.


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