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Is Sports Massage just for Sports Professionals?

Sports Massage is regularly advertised as a treatment for Sports Professionals, when really Sports Massage can benefit ANYONE regardless of their sporting ability or fitness levels

Sports Massage includes a range of massage techniques that are applied with a deeper pressure than a standard massage. Sports Massage targets knots and problem areas of tension which everyone experiences from time to time.. Yes Sports Massage can be used to prepare athletes for an event or to reduce the effects of DOMS following an event, but Sports Massage can also be used on a regular basis to reduce pain and muscle tension caused by every day life

If you have a job where you're sat at a computer or a job that involves repetitive movements, this can cause headaches and tension in your neck, shoulders or back, then Sports Massage can benefit you just as much as it would benefit an athlete. Sitting at a desk or in a car for long periods can place a lot of strain on muscles, this is when a gradual build up of tension occurs which in turn increases the build up of scar tissue and knots which can become painful

A Sports Massage is tailored to individual needs, concentrating on YOUR specific areas of tension and pain as everyone is different, but we all experience some kind of pain or muscle tension at some point

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