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DOMS aka onset muscle soreness is an uncomfortable aching feeling that is experienced up to 48 hours after intense training. Here’s why DOMS are a good thing.... 

The whole idea of resistance training is that you're creating micro-tears in your muscles, so that they recover stronger and firmer. The soreness you're experiencing shows your fitness is progressing and your muscles are getting stronger  

DOMS is nothing to do with lactic acid, as it was once thought. It's actually all about blood flow and healing. DOMS involves a temporary inflammation around your overworked muscles, which is the reason for the soreness. As time passes, blood cells rush to the inflamed area to heal the soreness. It’s quite normal for that creaky can't-get-out-of-bed feeling to get worse before it gets better. But after 48 hours, you're definitely on the road to recovery 

Ice cold baths straight after training can help (if you can stand them) 👍

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