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cupping explained

Vacuum and Dry Cupping

People have different views about cupping and not very many people seem to understand it fully. Here is a description of the type of cupping I provide and the benefits, I usually combine Cupping and Sports massage in a session

Vacuum cupping therapy also known as dry cupping eliminates the use of fire and heat completely. In this form of cupping, a pump is attached to the top of the cup and vacuum is created by pumping the air out of the cup, this then lifts the skin and the tissues creating a reverse effect of general massage

The mechanism used is simple. A connector links the cup to the pump that sucks the air out. Once the optimum amount of suction is created, the valve on the top of the cup is closed and the connector and pump are disconnected. The cups can then either be left in the same position for a few minutes to bring blood to the surface, helping with the healing process or the cups can be moved along the skin to perform massage. This is a very common and popular type of cupping because there is no flame needed to create the vacuum and there is complete control over the amount of suction created

The skin is never damaged, in many cases there may be a darkened appearance on the skin where the cups have been placed or moved, this clears up within a few days

The procedure of cupping should always be pain free and in my experience, people seem to find it less painful/uncomfortable than a traditional Sports or Deep Tissue massage

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